Deja vu?


Will history repeat itself?

Apollo Executives


EDMC Whistleblower Suit


Todd Nelson - Apollo Group - President & CEO


Todd Nelson - EDMC Chief Executive Officer

Robert Carroll - Apollo Group - Chief Info. Officer


Robert Carroll - EDMC - SVP & Chief Information Officer

Tony Digiovanni - Apollo Group - EVP & Pres. U of P Online


Tony Digiovanni - EDMC - SVP Marketing & Admissions 

John Kline - Apollo Group - SVP Operations & Finance


John Kline - President EDMC Online

Craig Swenson - Univ. of Phoenix - Provost & SVP Acad. Affairs


Craig Swenson - Chancellor, Argosy University

Bill Brebaugh - Apollo Group - SVP - Enrollment


Bill Brebaugh - EDMC - SVP - Admissions


Edward West - Internet Capital Group -Pres., COO & CFO - SEC Legal)


Edward West - EDMC - Pres. & Chief Financial Officer

J. Devitt Kramer - Printcafe Software, Inc. - SVP & General Counsel - SEC Legal)


J. Devitt Kramer - EDMC - Senior Vice President & General Counsel 


APOLLO Whistleblower Suit      


EDMC Executives



Point of Interest


Point of Interest


SEC Filings 5/14/2010

The jury said Apollo is responsible for 60 percent of the plaintiffs'losses. Nelson's share is 30 percent and Gonzales's is 10 percent.                                                                           

On May 14, 2010. Education Management Corporation  annnounced that its Chief Executive Officer, Todd S. Nelson, transferred all the shares he owns individually to a trust established for the benefit of his wife and children for estate planning purposes. The trust  holds the shares in a limited liability company of which Mr. Nelson is the manager.



Nelnet Whistleblower Settlement - (John Kline former CEO and now sitting on Nelnet Board of Directors)