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Government Influence & Connections

There They Go Again: Career College Lobbyists Twist the Facts in Lawsuit Against the Ed Dept.
For-Profit Colleges Intensify Lobbying on Proposed Rules (Your Tuition Dollars at Work)
With Lawsuit, For-Profit Colleges Step Up Fight Against New Regulations (Still, The Best Defense is a Good Offense)
For-Profit Schools Are at Center of Disputes: EDMC Lobbies Hard Against Federal Regulations
Playing Ball?(Sometimes the best defense is a good offense)
Education Management Corporation Urges (Influences?) Department of Education to Reconsider Gainful Employment Rule 

"We believe that the proposed rule is counter to President Obama's goal of the United States becoming the world leader in college graduates by 2020, and impacts quality institutions rather than the 'bad actors,' as stated by the Department." Todd Nelson, CEO, EDMC

One might ask if high cohort attrition and high student loan default rates are counter to or in line with President Obama's goal of the United States becoming the world leader in college graduates by 2020. 
Meeting Record Regarding Program Integrity    Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) 


Goldman Sachs 4th Largest Campaign Contributor to Tom Harkin - HELP Committee Chair

Goldman Sachs 3rd Largest Campaign Contributor to Michael Enzi - Ranking Member HELP Committee

Goldman Sachs 2nd Largest Campaign Contributor to Barack Obama

Letter from Anthony (EDMC) Guida to OIRA  (Note Anthony Guida's For-Profit School Affiliations) EDMC and APSCU (formerly CCA)  

Goldman Sachs Campaign Contributor to Olympia Snowe

Olympia Snowe (connection to EDMC)    Wealth (#32 in list)

EDMC Lobbyist (Washington, DC)

National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (Dr. Craig Swenson - former MEMBER)

Council for Higher Education Accreditation - (Dr. Craig Swenson - MEMBER - Board of Directors)

US Dept of Education - Advisory Committee on Student Financial Asistance -  (Anthony J. Guida, Jr, - MEMBER )

Lobbyists Aid For-profit College Student Group

     Gainful Employment Rule - What's It All About?  

          Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance - Be Heard!


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Rallying for For-Profit Colleges
For-Profit Executives Talk Up Their Colleges' Societal Value at Investors' Conference (It is after all...about the investors)
For-Profit Schools Donate to Lawmakers Opposing New Financial Aid Rules 
Duking It Out On 'Gainful Employment'

For-profit Colleges Fighting Proposal to Cut Aid

Astroturf U: Goldman's For-Profit College Battles Obama Crackdown

Manufactoring Dissent at EDMC