Government Oversight - Is Anyone Watching the Store?

Government Oversight

On August 5, 2010. the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions issued a request for documents and information to the Company in connection with its review of companies who receive federal resources principally from government sponsored loans to students. The request seeks information and documents relationg to the Company's use of Federal resources, including how it recruits and enrolls students, sets program price or tuition, determines financial aid including private or institutional loans, tracks attendance, handles withdrawal of students and return of Title IV dollars and manages compliance with the reuqirement that no more than 90% of revenues come from Title IV dollars. The request also seeks an unerstanding of the number of students who complete or graduate from programs offered by the Company, how many of those students find new work in their educational asrea, the debt levels of students enrolling and completing programs and how the Company tracks and manages the number of students who risk default within the cohort default rate window. Source (See SEC Filing 8/9/10)


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While for-profit colleges have a responsibility to their shareholders, they also have a responsibility to provide educational value to their students, and  an obligation to ensure that the federal dollars they receive are well spent, particularly now that Congress has made an historic investment in student aid. Source

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