Litigation & Other Significant Issues

Litigation and Other Issues 

Florida Attorney General - Economic Crimes Division - Investigation     Contact Information  

         Florida Probing Kaplan, For-Profit Colleges After Complaints  


Kentucky Attorney General Announces Investigation of For-Profit Schools 


The Quest for Program Integrity

Corporate Declarations (see 5/12/10 Quarterly Report, item 12, page 15, Contingencies) 

Qui Tam Whistleblower Suit Filed - (see SEC 8K Filing May 7, 2010)      LAWSUIT COMPLAINT

Arkansas Lawsuit

Tampa Lawsuit

Dallas Lawsuit

Houston Lawsuit   Settlement with Undisclosed Terms   Have you ever wondered why such suits are settled with undisclosed terms?

Plagiarism Issue

Litigation Presentation (one speaker is General Counsel for EDMC)

Heartbreaking but True (the potential dangers of proprietary schools)


Investigations and Class Actions Resulting from Senate Hearing

More Lawsuits Target Non-Profit Colleges    (Sometimes the best defense is a good offense - read what Westwood did to the law firm)

John McKernan, chairman of Education Management Corp., which operates about 95 schools in 31 states, including Argosy University, says lawsuits are part of the territory. "Statistically, the bigger you get, the more (complaints) you're going to have." (Is it that simple?)

Zamansky & Associates Launches Investigation into For-Profit College Education Companies for Alleged Misconduct

Kendall Law Group, LLP - Dallas, TX

Shareholders Foundation, Inc - San Diego, CA

Goldfarb Branham, LLP - Dallas, TX

Bernstein Liebhard LLP- New York, NY

Rosen Law Firm - New York, NY

Kahn Swick and Foti, LLC - New Orleans, LA

Law Office of Alfred G. Yates, Jr., PC - Pittsburg, PA 

Law Offices of Howard G. Smith - Bensalem, PA