Where You Can File Complaints if You Need to Do So

Complaint Places & Contact Information


APA Ethics Complaints / CALL (202) 336-5979 PROGRAM  & OTHER COMPLAINTS

Florida Department of Education Complaints

Higher Learning Commission Complaints

Consumer Protection

National Consumer Law Center (resources for student loan borrowers)

Florida Attorney General (Consumer Complaints)

Florida Division of Consumer Affairs

Hillsborough County Consumer Protection             Complaint Form 

Government Regulatory Agencies

US Government Accountability Office FraudNET

US Department of Education Misuse of Funds Reporting

SEC Complaints (Securities & Exchange Commission)

Elected Officials

Cummings Urges Hearing on For-Profit Malfeasance (support his efforts)

Congress and Senate Contact Information

Higher Education Associations

FL Association of Postsecondary Schools & Colleges (email address at bottom)